The white bunny icf is a newly constructed municipal kindergarten and nursery in the village of german, pancharevo district (sofia municipality), which is located on the outskirts of the village, next to a future school and stadium. The kindergarten, nursery, school, and stadium feature an area for education and sports, isolated from the residential area by a green space.
The building of the childcare facility is located in the northern part of the land plot, forming a rectangular yard area, facing south. Main access to the building goes through a covered promenade passage 窶 an interspace between interior and exterior. An additional entrance with a separate hallway is available for children from the nursery group, as well as a separate entrance for administrative and support staff.
The building entails three main two-storey modules and a single one-storey central unit interconnected through horizontal and vertical connection spaces. The emplacement allows for detaching self-contained fire-safety and hygienic areas, which can function with separate entry/exit points.
Autonomous space units have been organised for the childcare groups (four kindergarten groups and one nursery group, each intended for 25 children). The building modules are delineated from one another by cut-off areas functioning as porticos and hallways. Continuity has been ensured between interior areas and the yard窶覇xterior greenery then becomes part of the children窶冱 daily routine.
Construction involved energy efficient systems, including heat insulation, solar water heating collectors, and a heating system based on renewable energy sources (water-to-water heat pump). The organisation of space enables natural ventilation and cooling, and the south-east orientation of living rooms and bedrooms reduces winter heating costs. The different rooms feature thematic drawings and pictures, which create the feeling of belonging and easily assist in the orientation of the children.
Trusting the superior architecture is a tool for improving people窶冱 lives, we rely upon an architectural image and colour which create a favourable environment for stimulating children窶冱 cognitive development and imagination.